Church Activity Group / Department

The Church Activity Groups/Departments are the various Ministries functioning as helps to the pulpit ministry. Members of any of these groups are referred to as the “Church Workers”. These groups include the following

A.The Intensive Care Unit and The School of the Word Department.
B.The Springs of Life (Choir).
C.The Praise and Worship Team.
D.The Steps of Grace.
E.The Ushers Ministry.
F.Foundation Force (F2).
G.The Multi-Media Ministry.

As these groups are involved in various levels of Ministry, intending members of the above activity groups/Departments are required to graduate from the Church’s Foundation Klass which runs consecutively for a period of Ten to Twelve weeks, after every Sunday Service, before their applications for membership are favourably considered and approved.

This is to ensure that every intending member has made a commitment to Jesus Christ, received Salvation, received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking with new tongues, is acquainted with the Basic Foundational Doctrines of the Bible predicated on Hebrews 6:1-3 among other biblical doctrines, understands the vision of Love foundation International (a.k.a. Love Foundation Christian Center) with the organograph of her leadership structure.