The Beacons

The beacons is a subset of the exclusive Contect Cell Group. This sect of Cells are made up of people with common and similar identity and status.

It is the break-up of the larger church congregation into specific influence and peer groups as a result of your identity and status. It is in order to adequately and effectively influences one another for the kingdom.

This group comprises of all graduate and graduate professionals, white collar job office workers. Those referred to as the skilled laborers, who had a formal or orthodox training.

The vision is to inspires this group of people to be God’s true representative in their various offices and professional fields.

It is a fellowship which share and inspires one another on the common challenges confronting them. Here, you will be inspired to be a source of inspiration and a guiding light to others.

As a fellowship arm, they meet every fortnight at any venue determined by them.