Exclusive Contact Cell

This sect of Contact Cells are made up of members with common and similar identity and status. It is the break-up into specific influence and peer groups as a result of identity and status. It is in order to adequately and effectively influence one another for the Kingdom of God.

Mutual faith is developed as members with similar challenges draw uncommon inspiration from the word of God and produce outstanding testimonies in their various fields and sphere of influence.

These category of Contact Cells are designed to adequately release the potentials and self confidence of members. Members are encouraged to participate actively in their various exclusive Contact Cells as this will enhance their self confidence and ability to touch lives. They are trained to be who God has made them to be and be determined to be the best of themselves that they can be in their various sphere of influence.

The following are the Exclusive Contact Cells available to members.

The Beacons

Zenith Arsenal

Grace Anvil

Agape Axes